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On this Presidents Day we speak with Rod Gragg a former journalist and historian. Mr Gragg currently is director for military and veteran studies at Coastal Carolina University where he serves as adjunct professor of history. He is the author of several books on the Christian faith and how it has shaped American history. Today […]

This week hear Pastors.. Damon Gagnier United Church of Auburn.. Scott Hallman Westside Comunity Chapel.. Mark Graham Grace Bible Fayetteville.. Ron Glass Wading River Baptist Riverhead LI.. Milton Kornegay Central Baptist Syracuse.  

This week hear Pastors including Hal Jensen United Christian Church of Marietta..Hank Blok Mars Hill Canada..Eric Hallet Centennial Road..Mark Ransom Constantia Center Baptist..Brian Haven Crown Alliance Cortland..ColinLucid Calvary Baptist Massena NY  

Listen for the last installment of our Spotlights with Pastor Robert Foote of Trinity Lutheran Church in Ithaca. Will be listening to more prophecies in the Old Testament that foretold of Christ’s first coming as we make our way toward the celebration of Christmas 2015..

We continue looking at the Scriptures to find many more of the foretellings of the first advent of Christ. We’re joined once again in the studio with Pastor Robert Foote of Trinity Lutheran Church in Ithaca NY..

You can help to bring New Hope to someone this Christmas. The Mars Hill Network is teaming up with New Home Family Services to bring practical necessary items to young families that need a little help.

The Bible is full of the foretelling of the  first coming (or advent) of the Lord Jesus Christ. Here’s Part One on a series of Spotlights with Pastor Robert Foote of Trinity Lutheran Church in Ithaca NY. Pastor Foote leads us through many of those prophecies along with Scripture references…

On this edition of Spotlight we continue our discussion with Rod Gragg.. Author of The Pilgrim Chronicles. He also teaches history at South Carolina University and today he tells us about that first Thanksgiving meal and what it may have consisted of and yes it most certainly included turkey..

On this edition of Spotlight host Dan Dunn speaks with Rod Gragg the author of The Pilgrim Chronicles. Hear an eyewitness account of the Pilgrims and the establishment of the Plymouth Colony in North America. Mr. Gragg teaches history at South Carolina University..

In America we’ve come to rely heavily on network news for accurate and up-to-date reporting of world events. Unfortunately, that public trust is seriously misplaced when it comes to the state of the church around the world. Network media continues it virtual blackout of the wholesale persecution of Christian believers, choosing instead to turn a […]

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