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Get your day started on the right foot! Mornings on the Mars Hill Network with Mark Hard and Valerie Case on news will refresh your mornings with programs, music, and news that is pertinent to any believer. Make your early morning drive a little less like an early morning drive.

Weekdays from 6AM – 8:30AM

Cell Phones, Troubles, and the Master Designer

A friend called me up the other day because she was having problems with her smart phone. She was unable to get her email. Not on just one account, but the three or four she had coming into that phone. Every time she would go to check email, an error message would pop up. Since […]

On Being Victorious

Recently, I was sitting in the studio chair listening to a song about being victorious and I thought to myself, I am victorious at least I feel like a victor. You see I was feeling pretty good about myself. A couple nights before I celebrated a great come behind win after playing Scrabble with my family, I […]

Talents for the Master’s Use

I was out the other night with my wife and Eldon, and we went to hear my daughter Abby play violin with the Syracuse University Symphony Orchestra. It is so neat to watch the players take their places on stage. They get their note from the principle violinist so all are tuned properly. Then the […]