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Evangelist, youth communicator, school assembly speaker, seminar and conference speaker Nick Costello tackles issues facing youth and young adults.

Nick Costello has experienced the glamorous rock star life millions of teens only dream about. Success didn’t fulfill his search for inner peace, security and purpose in life. His bad attitude and fast lane lifestyle of sex, drugs, rock and roll nearly destroyed him. One night, Nick surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. God miraculously redeemed and transformed his life.

Today, he ministers as an evangelist, youth communicator, school assembly speaker, seminar and conference speaker. He’s calling christians of all ages to an uncompromising walk of obedience to Christ. In public schools, he’s equipping kids to make healthy, right life choices. Respected leaders say he’s a “dynamic, relevant, passionate, challenging, inspiring communicator!

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Make Some Friends for Christ

Do you take your friendships for granted? Maybe you think you have all the friends you need. Try looking at friendship from the eyes of someone else. Other people need you!  Jesus wants you to become friends with as many people as you can. The friendships do not have to be close, deep and intimate. […]

Loving Your Neighbor

Last month we learned as Christians, we are to love people, especially lost people. You may think you can’t love certain people, but you can! Since you know Jesus and are filled with the Holy Spirit, you have in you what it takes to love lost people. “God is love.” (1 John 4:16) Since God […]

Do You See The Need?

Do you know any lost people? I’m sure you do. You have some lost friends, they sit next to you in class, attend school functions or participate in sports activities with you and maybe even attend your church. All round you are people the Bible says are…LOST! Have you noticed they have some type of […]

What Do You See?

When you look at people around you, what do you see? I’m not talking about their physical appearance or personality. Do you recognize their spiritual condition. Everyone you meet is either LOST or SAVED, going to HEAVEN or HELL. There is no in between! Do you ever wonder if your friends are followers of Jesus? […]

Setting Goals & Priorities

Have you ever heard anyone say, “He’s running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off?” Obviously, with no head, the chicken has no idea where it’s going. Christians can be like that. They’re busy going nowhere. They don’t know where they’re going. Maybe they’re running around in circles. They have no direction for […]

Knowing God’s Will For Your Life

Think about a tough decision you had to make. How did you make it? What happened as a result? Would you have done anything differently in making your decision? If so, do you know what that would be?   A Christian wants to know God’s will when making decisions   A follower of Jesus wants […]

Becoming a Disciple

To develop a deep relationship with Jesus you must learn how to get to know Him better. Following Jesus makes you a disciple. A disciple spends time learning about Jesus and from Him, as a result, willingly follows Him. A disciple teaches others, passes on what he or she learns from and about Jesus. Study […]

Talking With God

Do you have any real close friends? I mean, someone you can tell anything to, someone who loves you no matter what, who isn’t judgmental or critical of you, sticks by you in the good, bad and ugly times? Even one? If you can’t name one and you are born again, you have one true […]

Listen To God

You jump in a car and go cruising with some friends on a Saturday night. They have some drugs and alcohol with them. You want to be accepted by them but don’t want to party. You’re tempted. What would you do and why? Read Matthew 4 and you’ll discover Jesus was tempted, too. The devil […]

Christ Alive In You

CHRIST ALIVE IN YOU!   Does anything frustrate you? Stuff like your parents, friends, school, your dating life, even yourself? Have those frustrations been caused by your own wrong actions or attitudes? Some frustrations are caused by circumstances you can’t control. Many times, you bring frustration upon ourselves by saying or doing something wrong. You […]