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Are you praying for your classmates? If you’re a parent, are you praying for your schools and students? Prayer is powerful and must be specific. The following partial list will give you suggestions as to how to pray: Pray young people would walk in the fear and love of the lord and not their own […]

Take Your Campus For Christ

Teenagers are more open to the Gospel and knowing about Jesus than ever before in history! One of the largest mission fields in the world today is the public school system. Today’s teenagers can take their campus for Christ. Every day, teens walk among broken, hurting, struggling, lost peers desperately searching for hope, help, an […]

Prayer Of Faith For Healing

God is releasing tremendous resources and miracles in these ends times. God chooses to work through his children including teenagers, to see Kingdom power come to earth. One way is through church elders praying for the sick. “Are any among you sick? You should call for the elders of the church and have them pray […]

Rescue Loving

God commands us to love people the way He loves them. We are to love and accept people unconditionally. Jesus loves us just the way we are. One of the best ways to reach lost people is to show we love them and care about them. This earns us the right to be heard. We’re […]

The Real Christian Life

The goal of Christians of all ages including teenagers have been told, “If you become a Christian you can have a better life!” In our get-it-quick world who doesn’t want a better life in a pretty messed up world? What teenager wants to suffer, experience loss, grief or pain? Who wouldn’t want a Christianity that […]

The 12 Be’s To Sharing The Gospel

Sharing the Gospel isn’t difficult. God works with you. many Christians don’t know the basics. Below are 12 key guidelines to help you. 1. Be always praying. 2. Be showing love. It’s one of your best evangelistic tools. 3. Be sharing your testimony. Everyone has one. 4. Be living a godly life. It produces tremendous […]

Mars Hill Network’s Mark Hard…Almost Terminated

Today’s Christian Professional Media Alliance (CPMA) meeting featured Mr. Mark Hard as guest speaker. Mark is a 25 year veteran of Mars Hill beginning his career with Christian radio in October of 1989 as week-day overnight host. He now serves as Morning Host on the M-F “Mornings” program from 6-9 o’clock, and holds the position […]

Caring For Suicide Survivors

In my final article addressing suicide I want to give you some guidelines for helping those who survive the suicide of another person. When someone commits suicide it affects as many as 6 other people. They suffer as innocent carnage or victims. Perhaps you or someone you know is a suicide survivor. How can we […]

Beware Of Bullying

Bullying and Cyber bullying is not an issue that should be ignored. Bullying is repeated, unwanted, aggressive behavior among school age children and teenagers that involves very real or perceived power imbalance by making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone verbally or physically or both or excluding someone from a group.The victim can feel rejected, unacceptable, […]

The Myths About Suicide

We’ve started a series on suicide which is the third leading cause of death among ages 15-24. There are many myths about suicide. Eight common ones are listed below. 1. Suicide happens without any warning signs. Not true . There are always some warning signs. 2. If you ask someone if they’re thinking of committing […]