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Beware Of Bullying

Bullying and Cyber bullying is not an issue that should be ignored. Bullying is repeated, unwanted, aggressive behavior among school age children and teenagers that involves very real or perceived power imbalance by making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone verbally or physically or both or excluding someone from a group.The victim can feel rejected, unacceptable, worthless and suffer extreme loneliness. Cyber bullying uses electronic technology and can include text messaging, emails, posts on social networking sites like Facebook, embarrassing pictures, videos and fake profiles. It is a very real and serious problem. It can have many harmful effects including suicide. Some bullies repeatedly tell a teenager they should kill themselves because the world would be a better place without them. It is important to document and report all bullying so it can be addressed.If need be, contact the police department for help. If you are a parent, monitor what comes through your child’s electronic technology. Your job is to protect your kids, be their parent and not their best friend. The internet offers an abundance of help and you can search the Center For Disease Control website.The National Suicide Helpline is 1-800-273-8255. I also offer a one hour seminar titled The Suicide Epidemic to churches and communities.

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