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Becoming a Disciple

mhaxpathTo develop a deep relationship with Jesus you must learn how to get to know Him better. Following Jesus makes you a disciple. A disciple spends time learning about Jesus and from Him, as a result, willingly follows Him. A disciple teaches others, passes on what he or she learns from and about Jesus. Study the Gospel of John chapters 2:11, 6:65-69, 8:31-32, 13:34-35, 14:15, 15:1-8, 17:20-21, 20:19-22, 21:15-19 and learn the characteristics of a disciple.


If you follow Jesus down the road of discipleship, He WILL make a mature disciple of you!


To mature as a disciple, you need to demonstrate simple faith and total trust in Jesus. You must be willing to become a 100 percent-sold-out disciple, letting Christ fully live in and through you. Do not fear what anyone else thinks because you choose to live as a follower of Jesus. He is with you. You will bring honor and glory to Him.  If you choose to follow Jesus it will cost you things like:


  • Your selfish pleasures
  • Ownership of your life
  • Your goals and plans
  • Your reputation and status in life


In exchange, Jesus gives you a life full of His benefits that you can’t find anywhere else. His life will blossom in and through you. You will impact the world around you for Him. You will be His light in a dark place. You will make a difference because you ARE different.


Christ living His life in and through you makes you a disciple.


Ask God to continue to give you the desire to be His 100 percent-sold-out-follower. Ask Him to put to death in you, anything that keeps you from following Jesus. Ask Him to make you like Christ. Ask God to use you to help others become a disciple. Be patient. Persevere. Trust Him. if you mess up, get up, look up to Him and keep going.






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