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Advice To Teens On Sex, Love, Dating

We live in a society where when it comes to sex, anything goes, with anyone, anytime, anywhere and anyway. This is a sex-crazed society. The Bible says, “Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral.” (Heb. 13:4 NIV)  God says NO sex until after you’re married. Disobey and there will be a price to pay. There’s some horrifying, life-changing consequences for practicing sex before you’re married. The price teenagers are paying today for a few short moments of risky pleasure are: unwanted pregnancy, lingering emotional scars, fear, guilt, contracting an STD or AIDS, heartbreak, embarrassment, rejection, feelings of being cheap or used and the list goes on. It’s foolish to take chances. It’s worth it to wait! here are a few guidelines to help you honor and obey God.

1.  Write out your decision to abstain from sex until marriage. post it where you see it every day.

2.  Stay away from friends engaging in sexual activity.

3.  Stay away from sexually orientated entertainments, music, books, magazines

4.  tame your tongue. Don’t talk dirty or talk sex talk.

5.  Don’t allow someone to manipulate you for their own selfish pleasure. if they love you they will honor your decision to abstain.

6.  “I love you,” doesn’t mean it’s okay to have sex with someone.

7.  Be careful how you dress. Be modest. Don’t show your goods off to the opposite sex.

8.  Check out your date. Date someone who wants to abstain, too.

9.  Don’t be a flirt. 

10. Stay away from drugs and alcohol. They deaden your ability to resist unwanted advances

11. Set strict limits on your sexual activity and stick to them.

12. Girls… make your intentions clear to the opposite your body is off limits and you’re saving yourself for the one you’ll marry and                after you’re married.

13. Guys… treat girls with respect, kindness and gentleness. Be a man of integrity, honor, respect and compassion for the way you treat women. They aren’t sex objects.

14. If you choose to date, don’t put yourself in an environment which offers you privacy to fool around. date in groups and in public.

15.  Don’t assume sex outside marriage is harmless fun. It’s not.

16.  Don’t give into peer pressure. keep a good self image. take a stand for what God desires, not your friends.

17. It’s normal and okay to be a virgin.

18. If you’ve blown it, make a new commitment to stop having sex. Start over and mean it. Get accountability.

19. It’s a lie that condoms are not ‘safe’.

20. The only guaranteed safe sex is to wait until after you are married.  

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