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Accentuate the Positive

As the days get a bit longer, and the winter a bit colder, I am reminded of how much we depend upon those things that have made our lives much easier to manage and much more physically comfortable.

Most of us, of no choice of our own, were born in North America, either in the US or Canada. While our environment has caused us to use our God given intellect, skills and abilities to make use of our natural resources so to better our stay on planet earth, still we have that propensity to murmur and complain.

We don’t like it when the snow plows seem to make our street their last stop, so we complain about how our taxes pay the plow driver’s salary. We get rattled when our internet service is disrupted, so we find fault and complain about how much the service costs us each month. And then there’s the interrupted cable service, the late mail delivery, and the list goes on.  We sometimes are like those little children that Jesus talks about in Luke’s gospel when describing a willingly dissatisfied generation, “We played the flute for you and you did not dance; we sang a dirge and you did not weep.” (7:31, 32). No matter what was suggested the children in the market place would not be pleased.

A new year has begun, 2014. A year where by God’s grace we can, as one old song put it, “accentuate the positive”. In God’s grace, let’s strive to be a thankful, non-complaining people this year. Yes, that will take some discipline, but with work will turn into one healthy habit!

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