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The Original WMHR Board Of Directors

In February of 1966 a small group of Christians from the Syracuse area met and shared their vision for a Christian

radio station in Central New York. They desired to use radio to help fulfill the Great Commission given by our Lord Jesus Christ and recorded in the Bible in Matthew 28:19,20. With much prayer and after many meetings a stock corporation was formed, Mars Hill Broadcasting Co., Inc. The stockholders elected a Board of Directors to lead their ministry. The project was financed through the sale of $60,000 of stock and the floating of a bond issue in the Christian community.

The Mars Hill Network Classic Logo

The name “Mars Hill” was chosen by the Board of Directors because it is the name given in the King James Version of the Bible for the public forum outside of Athens where the apostle Paul preached to the Stoics and the Epicureans.

           An application for a construction permit to build a radio station was filed with the Federal Communications Commission. God opened up the way as obstacle after obstacle was removed. In July 1967 construction began. Finally, on Sunday, March 9, 1969 at precisely 3:00 pm, WMHR-FM went on the air at 102.9 MHz with the song “To God Be The Glory.”

            The building of the WMHR tower in SyracuseAfter seven years of ownership by the stock corporation, operating WMHR-FM under a commercial license, the Board of Directors moved to convert to a not-for-profit corporation operating under the laws of New York State. Through God’s abundant blessing and the generous support of a growing body of listeners, the ministry has grown into a three-station radio network receiving many of its programs by satellite, and delivering its service to its own stations and affiliates. On February 29, 1988, WMHN-FM 89.3 MHz went on the air in Webster, New York. And on October 1, 1990, WMHI-FM 94.7 MHz went on the air serving Jefferson County in northern New York as well as areas of eastern Ontario in Canada. On December 20, 1991, the FCC approved non-commercial licenses for all three stations. In December 2003, the latest full-power station in the network,. WMHQ-FM 90.1 MHz in Malone, NY,

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