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A Welcome Home

A_Mars_Hill_Welcome_HomeWhenever I think of deployments I think of what was to me the most amazing feeling in the world. It is a feeling that unless you have deployed to a foreign country for a year and returned safely none could ever explain. As you are on the airplane for that long trip home and you watch the map on the screen showing where you are and where the next stop is and then that final moment when the pilot comes on and says we are approaching our landing to the United States please fasten your seat belts. Everyone changes into a different mode. Then it finally happens the wheels of the plane finally hit and you hear the screeching of the tires on American soil, suddenly an eruption of cheers fills the plane as if at the rose bowl stadium with 150 thousand people and the home team scores the winning touchdown you have finally arrived home safely. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up and tears started rolling down my checks. In fact even the toughest of men on the plan soften light butter in a microwave at that point.

is an amazing thing as we got off the plane in NJ to have the general greet each one of us along with a local VFW crew, it reminded me of what God did for us. In the book of Luke it talks about a son who took his fathers inheritance early and went off and squandered it. All the people he thought were his friends because of his money had left him, and he was feeding pigs to earn money he decided he would be better off being a servant for his father, at least he would have food and clothing. The only thing was he did not know if his father would accept him back. Well he not only accepted him back but he gave him the best of everything when he arrived home. He did not care what he had done just the fact that he came back home to his family.

felt very strongly when I was preparing this that someone really needed this message. If you have never received Christ as your Savior and been received into God’s family yet or maybe you think that you have gone so far and done something so bad that God would not receive you back. Let me tell you friend God wants you back in the fold and you can stop running from him. He is waiting for you so why not run back into his arms today.

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