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12 Be’s To Sharing Jesus With Your Friends

God wants to use you to tell others about Jesus, how to have a relationship with him and find their way to heaven. There are 12 basic’BE’ principles that will help you in witnessing to your lost friends.


  1. Be always praying for your friends. Pray the Holy Spirit will open their spiritual eyes of understanding, prepare their heart to hear the Gospel, show them they’re a sinner in need of Jesus, give you an opportunity to share Jesus with them and the right words to say.
  2. Be showing unconditional love to them. It’s one of your best evangelistic tools.
  3. Be sharing your testimony. Everyone has one. It’s your personal Jesus story.
  4. Be living a godly life. It produces tremendous results.
  5. Be gentle and respectful, not offensive or pushy.
  6. Be sharing Jesus with those close to you and most like you first. They will be easiest to reach.
  7. Be expecting some rejection, anger and hostility. They’re rejecting Jesus, not you.
  8. Be a good listener. Listen for heart-felt needs or problems Jesus can help them with.
  9. Be understanding of their world. See their life through their eyes.
  10. Be looking for those who are open and receptive to The Gospel.
  11. Be discerning who you can and can’t influence. It’s okay to walk away from openly hostile people.
  12. Be trusting God with the results always. You can’t save anyone. You are God’s messenger of the Gospel. Faithfully deliver the message and trust God is using you.


You don’t have to be a bible scholar with a seminary degree to share Jesus with someone. Simply love people, desire to see them come to Christ, ask God to send people your way who know Jesus, be willing, available and trust God to use you. He will then, do His work through you!

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